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Equity Story has a membership to suit the serious part-time or full-time investor, take a look below and choose yours.


Our specially created TRADER 5 membership enables you to get our most valuable share recommendations and access to trade from $5 up to $10,000 or 0.05% per trades through our special relationship with our online trading partner.


TRADER PRO includes everything in Trader 5, plus our Ask The Analyst service, Ten Baggers, Penny Punts, Growth with Dividends and a total of 8 reports. Gain access to discounted brokerage, starting from just $5.00 per trade!


TRADER X members get access to every TRADER PRO Australian recommendation & services, as well as access to whole new markets with our US share recommendations too. Trader X takes your trading to the next level, find out more.

Who Are Equity Story?

Equity Story is a Sydney-based share market research and reporting membership site. Our purpose is to make share trading fast, profitable and accessible for everyone. We are here for the first -time investor, small family investors all the way to full-time professional investors and day traders.

10+ recommendations each month help you make fast, reliable share trading decisions with straight forward education and advice you can act on immediately.

Our unique trending method sets us apart from anyone else in the market and the proof is in 82.1% of our recommendations being profitable*.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hear that a lot! We are a membership site only. Our service is ONLY as good as the information we provide, we’d never keep members over 4 years if the only thing we provided was bad. We’re here to make trading available for everyone from beginners to experts. To prove it we give free trials, and even a $1 PRO trial which is a FULL 30 day trial of our Trader PRO service. We take the risk on you to prove EVERYTHING we say is true.

We have also listed EVERY closed trade for the last 4 YEARS on our Results Page. How many other sites do this? Imagine if we can help get you an advantage in share trading? What difference would that make to your life, why not find out for yourself?

Just sign up for a Trader PRO or X Membership and you’ll be sent market updates directly via email almost immediately from your secure membership. You’ll also receive regular videos giving clear direction on how each share is performing, everything you need to find, buy and sell profitable shares is right here.

The same guarantee you have buying them yourself, or through your broker. But since this is all we do and our whole service is based on the results we get for our members, we would not last very long if we dished out bad advice! We also operate a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

How’s that relationship paying off right now? If you try a membership and you end up telling him what to buy and sell, what would you need him for? With our advice + brokerage from $5.00, what else could you possibly need?

Equity Story by the numbers...

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