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“It’s an honour to join Equity Story in an ambassador role and to be associated with a business so dedicated to supporting and educating Australian investors.”

Glenn McGrath

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Suite of Investment Advice

Our suite of investment advice includes company specific analysis. From short term trades, to long term investments and across a range of risk profiles - we've got you covered. Our technical and fundamental analysis can include 'buy under', 'stop-loss', 'target length' and 'target price' guidance.

Hot Stocks

Our favourite ASX pick delivered every Sunday for the week ahead.

Small Cap Gems

High risk, early stage small caps with strong growth potential.

Dividend Portfolio

A basket of our favourite ASX companies with strong dividends.

3 Year Growth

Established ASX companies to consider for longer term investment.

Growth Portfolio

A basket of our favourite ASX companies with strong growth prospects.


Established ASX companies with solid dividends payable to investors.


High Risk. A beaten down, yet quality company looking to turn around.

US Growth

Established US companies to consider for longer term investment.

US Trends

Short-term US listed trading ideas (1-6 month target length).


Short-term small/ medium and large cap trading ideas (1-6 month target length).

Investment Advice Packages

Our suite of advice can be found within our two annual packages, helping investors of all levels make better informed decisions by providing actionable investment recommendations handpicked by our talented team of analysts.

Trader Pro


The very BEST of the ASX

The very BEST of the ASX

  • Daily 15-20min "Trade Watch" PODCAST hosted by our team of analysts
  • Daily short term Technically & Fundamentally reviewed trading ideas
  • Daily long term Technically & Fundamentally reviewed investment recommendations
  • 2x LIVE weekly Q&A PODCASTS with our team of analysts
  • Sunday pre-market trading ideas & “Hot Stock” pick
$15.97 donated to the McGrath Foundation

Trader X


The very BEST of the ASX and USA

The very BEST of the ASX and USA

  • Everything in Trader Pro
  • PLUS: Technically & fundamentally reviewed US trading ideas
  • Long term Technically & Fundamentally reviewed US investment recommendations
  • Sunday pre-market US trading ideas
  • Weekly US “Hot Stock” pick
$25.97 donated to the McGrath Foundation

Equity Story will proudly donate 1% of revenue from all memberships and courses sold to the McGrath Foundation.

Investment Education

Live with our analysts via ZOOM and held over a full day - attendees are taught our own internal, actionable and easy to follow investment strategy (CTM) that we have successfully implemented at Equity Story for nearly a decade.

Complete CTM Course


Stack the investment Deck in your favour

  • Mindset & Planning
  • The must-have technical indicators
  • Brainwashing - “Why you would or wouldn't buy that”
  • Our powerful technical "Buy" & "Bullish" signals
  • Trading different charting timeframes
  • Using stop losses
  • Risk vs Reward
  • The fundamentals of fundamental analysis
  • The "Cloud of Craziness"– Distilling the noise around the investment
  • Bringing it all together
$19.97 donated to the McGrath Foundation

Equity Story will proudly donate 1% of revenue from all memberships and courses sold to the McGrath Foundation.

Meet Your Lead Analysts

David Tildesley

Head Technical Analyst

Dave’s Fave Advice : Get into a good story, hold it until it breaks trend lines then take your profit and protect your capital.

Growing up as the son of one of the UK’s biggest industrialists, Dave spent a fair amount of his childhood immersed in business environments – listening to his Dad talk about business, watching him do business and learning how to understand the fundamentals that make a good business. As so many kids do, he went off in a totally different direction as a young adult: heading to university to study archaeology, moving to Spain, finding love and following a girl halfway across the world to end up living in Australia’s harbour city. Here in Sydney, he went into finance, enjoyed spending time with his lovely wife and growing family, dabbling in property and eventually meeting the man who would change his trading life forever.

It was from this man that Dave discovered the power behind trending and momentum, taking this knowledge, building on it and developing what would eventually become the core of the Equity Story system.

After spending several years watching the behind-the-scenes happenings in the finance sector, Dave realised that he had a big problem. The industry he was working in didn’t align with his basic principles of wanting to do the best he could for people rather than driving profits up for brokerage businesses.

He struck out on his own: further refining his trading model and basing it on his experience of learning backgammon from a Master in Spain. Like backgammon, investing is all about probabilities and strategy. If you want to win, you need to put all of the odds in your favour before you put any capital on the line and you need to take action based on your head and not your emotions.

Today, Dave still puts his archaeology skills to the test – studying the history of markets and organisations, digging up the best positive growth trends and uncovering the fundamentals that tell the story of how a stock should perform, regardless of what the sentiment in the market says.

“We’re proud to be 100% independent. We care about people and their results, not about management fees. Equity Story is a story of passion and empowerment.”

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Peter Kopetz

Head Fundamental Analyst

Pete’s Top Tip : Use the service to its full potential – and give yourself a chance. Your first investment starts with yourself.

Born in Poland, Peter came to Australia when he was 10 years old and spent his first years Down Under in Adelaide. When he was about 20 he got a taste for investing after he got into a couple of IPOs which did really well, and this gave him a great introduction to the market and its potential, driving his passion for finding out more about how it all worked.

Eventually finding his way to Perth and scoring a job with Asgard, he worked his way up from customer service to pensions to the share department, which re-ignited his interest in investing and introduced him to the concept of analysis, where he found his calling.

It was then that Pete decided to become an analyst. Jumping in the deep end and joining a brokerage firm as a Junior Analyst, he learnt the ropes on the run, moved to another firm and spent 7 years working his way up the ranks and finding his niche writing reports.

Classically trained in music until the age of 18, Peter takes a slightly different view of charts. For him, watching them is like looking at a piece of music: you watch the story play out, follow the highs and the lows and feel the momentum of it. The story will tell you when to get in and when to get out, you just have to listen to it.

But after a time, he started to question who the reports were in the best interest for. He started to notice how dog-eat-dog the industry was, with brokerages getting kick backs for promoting certain companies, and found himself being required to put a good spin on reports that he didn’t fully believe in.

So like Dave, Pete found himself in a position where he had to make a decision. Keep his secure job, doing analysis and writing reports for the firm while battling what was fast becoming a huge conflict of interest for him? Or stay true to his ethics and morals, take the plunge and strike out on his own.

Lucky for Pete, he met someone who wanted him to be true to himself. They moved to Queensland, and Nathalie backed him 100% to invest full time – launching a new phase in Pete’s life and leading to some of the most sleepless nights he’d ever had.

And this is where stories collide: not too long later, Pete came across the newly-launched Equity Story and saw that Dave was looking into the very same stocks that he was investing in and decided to give Equity Story a go. Being the very early days of the launch, Dave was wearing all the hats in the business and called Pete himself to welcome him on board. They got on like a house on fire and Pete was soon back to writing reports – but this time for a company he wholeheartedly believed in from an ethical perspective. Not too long after this, they decided to join forces, combining their truly unique approaches to fundamental and technical analysis and creating the alchemy which turns information into investing gold every day of the week.

(Fun fact: Pete still plays the cello and double bass and composes his own pieces, though we’re yet to hear any of them.)

“My main goal is helping people to trust themselves with investing. We need to empower people, give them good stories and teach them the skills they need to invest for themselves.”

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Here’s What Our Clients Think Of Us

Shane - Trader X Member

One of the best decisions I have made

Signing up was one of the best decisions I have made in recent years. All I can say is if you are on the fence about joining, go ahead, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Diane - Trader X member

Great educators...serious with a pinch of humor

The Equity Story team have been great educators for me to learn and understand “stories” and charts as a true beginner. The Ask the Analysts sessions have been invaluable to assess shares I have bought as I navigate and build my portfolio.

Jane - Trader X member

Equity Story provides a wonderful service

Being a member of Equity Story has given me a better understanding about the Stock market and how and why individual stocks move up and down. I would thoroughly recommend joining Equity Story to anyone who follows the share market, from day traders to long term investors.

Damian - Trader X member

I cannot think of another service that I would rather be a member of

I have been a member of Equity Story for over 5 years and find their analysis and passion for the markets second to none. The powerful combination of both fundamental and technical analysis sets them apart within the Australian trading / investment community.

Ian - Trader X member

Simply the best!

I have been with Equity Story now for four very rewarding (profitable) years. Equity Story is now my “go to” site on a daily basis. All of their investment commentaries are timely, well presented and easy to understand. In summary, Equity Story’s service is exceptional and it is also excellent value for money.

Stephen - Trader X member

Managing risk is where the Equity Story team excels

I find the Equity Story team outstanding in delivering sensible easily understood market information and stock selections and managing risk. Cannot recommend the team highly enough. Equity Story has made a significant impact on the success of my portfolio.

Craig - Trader X member

Just join!

I’ve been in the share market for over 20 years and discovering Equity Story is without doubt the best thing that has happened to my trading. The profits I have made since joining have been beyond anything I thought possible. I’m so happy I found Equity Story and day by day our family is getting closer to the freedom and security we are aiming for.

Lee - Trader X member

A rare treasure

The ES team is Witty, Responsive and Fun, above all, very genuine in their approach. Personally, ES is my “Treasure”. I have never had so much confidence in share trading. Thank you for the past 3 years and many more years to come.

Paula - Trader X member


Have tried a number of different share advice subscription services and this one is by far the best. The personal support and ability to interact with the lead analysts is what makes this product a no brainer. Would definitely recommend.

Ian - Trader X member

These guys rock!

The Equity Story team are a group of authentic, likable, knowledgeable and professional investment “guides” and support crew. Love them!

Gunther - Trader X member

Best in the business

Joining Equity Story is a no brainer. If you want to make money on the share market, this is the subscription for you. Service and knowledge is second to none. You will not find better anywhere. Every day you are not a member is costing you money!!

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