The Cincinnati Trading Method Masterclass

We’ve spoken to literally thousands of people over the years and we know that the biggest challenges people face when it comes to investing are:

  • Finding analysts who are totally independent
  • Having the time or the skills to do all the research
  • Not knowing which stocks to invest in
  • Picking the right time to buy – and just as importantly – the right time to sell stocks
  • Understanding how to use stop losses to protect their principal and their profits

At Equity Story, we're 100% independent. Our recommendations are entirely our own as we're not beholden to any broker or external influence and our analysts devote over 60 hours a week to delving into the market to give every member the best technical and fundamental recommendations in under 20 minutes a day.


Just using the membership without understanding WHY certain stocks are a good buy, WHAT makes it time to sell a stock or WHEN you need to hold your nerve is like watching a 3D movie without the 3D glasses. You’ll kind of be able to see what’s going on, but you’re never going to see the full picture.

The CTM is the cornerstone of your ASX education: it's designed to help you see things through the same glasses that Dave and Wolfie wear every day when they’re looking at the charts. You’ll start to see things the way they do, become more confident in your decisions and find yourself taking the right action more often.

Plus once you've mastered the Method, you can use that knowledge for any stock, in any market, at any time – the CTM really is a gift for life that will radically change your investing strategy and success.

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course overview


Element 1: Mindset Mastery

The event kicks off with an in-depth dive into our Mindset Masterclass, where you’ll learn how to re-train your brain to remove the roadblocks that are preventing your success and discover the fastest path to work towards minimising your stress and maximising your returns.


Element 2: Charting Mastery

The cornerstone of the Cincinnati Trading Method is Charting Mastery – where you’ll learn how to assess the charts, follow the candles and read the signals just like your favourite analysts do, including:

  • Trend lines
  • Daily, weekly and monthly charts
  • Swing trading
  • Ranges
  • Breakouts
  • Moving averages
  • Nines & thirteens


Element 3: The Fundamentals of Fundamental Analysis

The thing that sets Equity Story apart is our ability to understand the importance of both the technicals and the fundamentals and to blend them together to create the full story when assessing stocks. Being able to see both sides of the story is invaluable to being able to really understand whether a stock is worth investing in or not.


Element 4: Equity Story's Enigma Code

This is the ‘secret sauce’ of Equity Story's success: the precise chart setup we’ve identified that has frequently outperformed the market, year on year, for over a decade. Finally, we’ll divulge our Enigma Code – our most valuable signals and how to apply them based on YOUR personal strategy.


Element 5: Dealing With the Cloud of Craziness

One of the most critical keys to successful investing is the ability to take emotion out of the equation and filtering out the good information from the bad in what we call the 'Cloud of Craziness': all of the external 'noise' from outside sources that inundates us daily and can confuse us into making emotionally charged investing decisions. Knowing what to listen to and what to ignore is vital if you want to succeed.

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