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Grow your share portfolio today with Australia’s best share trading advice.

Get access to Australia’s best share trading advisers whose investment results currently sit at 125%+ in annualised returns?*

Our results speak for themselves:

  • 266 x closed trades (266 buys & 266 sells (an average of 2+ trades per week)
  • 254 of 266 trades were profitable – that’s 95.49%
  • The average profit per trade is 18.37%

We provide simple trading advice as a membership. We give our members market research and share trends backed by fundamental analysis that any trader at any level can turn into profitable trades.

You can do more research yourself if you wish and back what you want, when you want. Or just trade what we tell you to trade over 12 months, remember 95.7% of our trades are profitable! Simply following this strategy alone may improve your results

Included with your membership:

  • Trending ASX200 & Trending SML/MED – These trending reports give regular direct advice on whether to Buy, Hold or Sell. This is the most consistently valuable service we provide; you do not have to know anything about the share market to give your portfolio a chance to outperform 70% of “real fund managers” over 5 years. If you simply JUST use this report alone, you can benefit from our +125% annualised results*. All members are sent clear buy and sell recommendations directly by email.
  • Daily Video – A video from advising team 5 times a week covering the days’ trends, moves and trades.
  • 3YR Growth – These are 3 year growth shares based on fundamental analysis and supported by our trending approach. Members are send clear buy, sell and hold instructions to their email.
  • Ten Baggers – Australia’s most exciting companies live in Ten Baggers, these have the potential increase their share price exponentially and as such can deliver outstanding returns. All members are sent clear buy and sell recommendations directly by email.
  • Weekly Buy & Sell Signals – Sent to members every Sunday night via email as part of our blog – ‘Einsteins Trending Blog’. We show the charts that appear Bullish (look like going up) for the week ahead, as well as Bearish stocks that look like going down. These are for guidance only, and are not recommendations to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’. They’ve gathered a cult following for ‘day traders’ looking for a quick trade.
  • IPO’s – (Initial Public Offerings) Equity Story will hand pick only the best IPO & PRE-IPO opportunities for our member. Most are not offered to the everyday investor.
  • Growth & Dividends – These are growth stocks based on fundamental analysis and supported by our trending approach, which also offer a solid dividend.
  • Story of the Month – these companies are truly interesting and worth telling their story of meteoric rises or huge falls.
  • Contrarian Stories – We believe the market is trading as irrationally as ever. We need to start taking advantage of the ‘push the sell button brigade and ask questions later’ fund managers and traders as this is presenting real value opportunities in our share  market.
  • Partner Offers – As an Equity Story ‘Trader PRO’ subscriber, when you open an account with OpenMarkets you’ll receive discounted brokerage rate of $5.00 per trade (up to $10,000) or 0.05%

If you do not have the time to plan, research and continually optimise your share portfolio, and you are interested in getting the best possible return, its time to do something about it today.

Make the call that can turn your share portfolio around.