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Trader 5 Membership

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Trade from just $5 a trade with Australia’s most
successful share advisory team by your side…

Are you a serious investor that’s paying as much as $25 a trade? our members pay just $5.

A Trader 5 membership with Equity Story reduces your brokerage fees AND provides CLEAR BUY AND SELL recommendations each month.

We let you know what to trade, you make the trade and keep the profit. Simple.

A Trader 5 membership provides a BASIC membership to Equity Story that provides access for a full 12 months to:

  • $5 Trades – with our partner offer from OpenMarket’s you can trade for $5 up to $10,000 and 0.05% (we take no commissions)
  • $1 CFD’s – with our partner offer from FPD Markets you can trade CDF’s from just $1 (we take no commissions)
  • Daily Video – A video from advising team 5 times a week covering the days’ trends, moves, and trades.
  • 3YR Growth – These are 3 year growth shares based on fundamental analysis and supported by our trending approach. This report has a closed trade performance of +39.68%.

Trader5 membership provides access to only a single report, Buy a& Sell recommendations are sent approximately once a month for the 3YR Growth Report.

Who is it for?

A Trader 5 Membership is for an expert trader that wants access to some of the expertise, the best brokerage deal in Australia from $5 a trade and a single report.

If its trading recommendations you want then moving to a Trader PRO membership gives you access to EVERY REPORT we have including 10+ BUY and SELL recommendations EVERY MONTH.

But simply outperforming the market is not enough. Share trading is a money game that rewards consistent, deliberate and well informed action.

Our success is based on finding those opportunities early enough and backed up by our trending model and fundamental analysis. This approach puts you and your portfolio results in front of every other share advisory and investor in Australia.

This is all we do and we’ve become very good at it.

Our members follow one of Australia’s leading analysts focused purely on getting a return on investment and nothing else. Our team consistently out-performed our nearest competition by as much as 90%.

All we sell is access to our results, no up-sells or special reports to buy, you stay as long as our results are good. 

Simple right? So join us today.