Trader 5 Membership

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Start trading shares from just $5 a trade with Australia’s most successful share trading advice team!

Are you a serious investor that’s paying more than you should for brokerage? Are you someone that would love to short cut some of the research and get daily insights from our trading team you can turn into a profitable portfolio?

Equity Story has two memberships available:

  • Trader 5: Basic advice including the three reports below and our exclusive $5 brokerage deal with Open Markets.
  • Trader PRO: Professional advice including nine reports that give you the edge in every trade as well as our exclusive $5 brokerage deal with Open Markets.

For a full 12 months Trader 5 members can access:

  • $5 Trades – With our partner OpenMarkets you can trade for $5 up to $10,000 and 0.05% upwards!
  • Daily Video – A video from advising team 5 times a week covering the days’ trends, moves, and trades.
  • 3YR Growth – These are 3 year growth shares based on fundamental analysis and supported by our trending approach. Members are sent clear buy, sell and hold instructions to their email.

Simply outperforming the market is not enough, share trading is a money game that rewards action. It’s about finding those opportunities early enough that backed up by our trending model and fundamental analysis.

This is all we do and we’ve become very good at it. Our members follow one of Australia’s leading analysts focused purely on getting a return on investment and nothing else. Our team consistently out-performed our nearest competition by as much as 90%.

Anything else is just a gamble, our trends are your friend!