The Art of the Trade

The Art of the Trade is how we combine simple logic, common sense approach all while avoiding the one thing that affects more share traders profit that anything else…


Greed will kill your portfolio profits every time.

When you win you want more and hold longer than you should, or put in more money when you should be taking profits. When you lose we see people chasing losses with more money, and selling winning trades and holding losing trades hoping they come back instead of cutting their losses or having stop losses in place to protect them.

No one reading this has not fallen into one of these traps, I know I have.

Share trading can be simpler than you believe it to be, IF you keep it simple. The market has an interest in keeping it complicated leveraging services to

That’s not to say that it is not extremely difficult to do what we do every day, but anything repeated hundreds of times a day over many years doesn’t just become better, it becomes instinctual.

But that’s the point, not everyone can individually review 500 – 700 companies a day and have the luxury of doing it with a team that are you friends that all bring different disciplines to every decision we make as a team.

Watch the video.



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