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How the Equity Story Member levels compare

We all have different requirements when it comes to share trading and we’d like to make it as flexible as possible for you. We know once you join Equity Story, even as a free trial member, you’ll soon understand we have the most valuable share trading advisory service in Australia. One you see the value, the price is not going to be the issue!

Did you also know that as much as 50% of your membership may be tax deductible? (check with your financial advisor)

Select the membership below that suits you best.

this is what you get

Trending Reports, direct buy, hold or sell recommendations.

Daily video, covering the days

trends, moves and trades 5 days a week

Weekly Buy & Sell Signals,

guidance only, but followed by day traders looking for quick trades

3YR Growth, longer term recommendations based on fundamental analysis.

Ten Baggers, the companies with the most exponnential share price growth potential. 

Partner Offers, $5 trades (0.05% over $10K) and other benefits.

Growth with Dividends, growth shares offering a solid dividend.

Contrarian Stories, backed shares in the market and why you should do the opposite!

Exclusive IPO's and Pre-IPO opportunities, not offered to everyday investors



per year

Trader PRO


per year