NextDC (NXT) Is Our Hot Stock This Week!

Not only is this stock trending technically, fundamentally and socially NXT is gaining traction. NXT is a provider of cloud services and solutions, capitalising on the cloud phenomenon. As technology advances, and as we have seen with more companies moving to the cloud offerring SaaS instead of products, we believe fundamentally that we are on a trend that we can capitalise on.

Recent half yearly report from the Company has definitely given investors further confidence as well. With a 32% increase in revenues to $77.5M and profit before tax increase of 54% to $12.3M, the Company is seeing strong growth and demand. Further, with very forecastable revenues given a majority recurring revenue business model, shareholders can easily rely on management’s guidance.

Management have also improved full year guidance from what they previously expected, overdelivering on their expectations; exactly what we want to see from these companies.

Sounds like the perfect concoction for a Hot Stock!

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