Nothing Hotter Than Afterpay Touch Group (APT) This Week!

This week it looks like Afterpay Touch Group (APT) is poised to break through $8 which could really see this stock continue its momentum and reach higher prices. Afterpay has given us a new word in the Australian dictionary which retail shoppers are increasingly adding to their vocabulary. Just the other day we heard someone say to their friend “just Afterpay it”!

This exciting Juggernaught of a stock for the second time wins the Golden Star stock award and just for an added bonus has an Equity Story Buy signal on the technicals.

Fundamentally, the Company has attracted users like no tomorrow since its inception, and its recent result for the Half Year 2018 saw revenue up 518% to $37.1M along with total users (paying) up 85% to 1.5M. With over 12,000 retail partners and having sold $900M of goods and services over the 6 month period, it’s clear the service is here to stay – at least for the time being.

It’s biggest opportunity now to grow further organically is to take on the US market. Anyway… fundamentally and technically we like this stock, and the sentiment has been positive around this stock ever since it’s been around.

It’s our Hot Stock this week and it’s certainly got a burning momentum behind it.

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