Why is A2M Our Hot Stock Of The Week

Everyone knows the market darling A2M very well by now. Having made over 200% in 1year, and over 960% since it first listed, this stock has been literally been the best performer on our market (within the ASX 200), yes we know that some micro-caps go up 10x in just one day.

At Equity Story, we’ve trended a2 Milk numerous times with success and originally got into the stock as a 3YR Growth play when it was just $1.03. And we’ve made over 275.52% trading this beauty over the years!

A2M is currently near record highs once again, and its no surprise for a Company that has seen such phenomenal growth in China – revenue more than doubling, and EBITDA more than tripling! (numbers can be found in the announcements)

As Chinese demand grows, and we expect it to seriously continue, A2M’s revenues will surely be taken on a ride with the industry. Currently A2M still generates 80% of its revenues domestically (AUS and NZ) and a small portion in the UK and US. UK and the US were slightly disappointing, but its great that the Chinese aspect of their business is still being able to tilt them into a stellar growth year.

All in all, sentiment is good as the Company have done nothing but show success, and with a chart so beautiful, we just had to put this on as our Hot Stock this week!

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