Investing Masterclass

What are your biggest problems with investing?

Most people will say that it’s knowing what to buy and when and knowing when to sell. The CTM takes the guesswork out of knowing when to get in, when to get out and when to hold. Harnessing the power of trending and momentum, the CTM combines what we call the Trifecta of Trading Success – technicals, fundamentals and mindset – to deliver a proven strategy for investing with more confidence AND more success.

Please enjoy our introduction to CTM with David & Peter below:

We’ve spoken to literally thousands of people over the years and we know that the biggest challenges people face when it comes to investing are:

  • Finding analysts who are totally independent
  • Having the time or skills to do all the research
  • Not knowing which stocks to invest in
  • Picking the right time to buy and sell stocks
  • Understanding how to use stop losses to protect their principal and
  • their profits

At Equity Story, we’re 100% independent. Our recommendations are entirely our own as we’re not beholden to any broker or external influence and our analysts devote over 60 hours a week to delving into the market to give every member the best recommendations in under 20 minutes a day.

So why is the CTM necessary at all?

Just using the membership without understanding WHY certain stocks are a good buy, WHAT makes it time to sell a stock or WHEN you need to hold your nerve is like watching a 3D movie without the 3D glasses. You’ll kind of be able to see what’s going on, but you’re never going to see the full picture.

The CTM is designed to help you see things through the same glasses that Dave and Wolfie wear every day when they’re looking at the charts. You’ll start to see things the way they do, become more confident in your decisions and find yourself taking the right action more often.

CTM Masterclass Event – What can you expect?

Full day event – 9:00 am to 5:00pm (Held on Saturday’s)

Delivered via ZOOM attendees are taught our own internal, actionable and easy to follow investment strategy that we have successfully implemented at Equity Story for nearly a decade.

Throughout the day attendees have ample opportunity to interact with the team, ask questions along the way and even apply the CTM to the stocks you hold in real-time.

Course Content:

  • Mindset & Planning
  • The must have technical indicators
  • Brainwashing – “Why wouldn’t you buy & that why would you buy that”
  • Technical “Buy” signals
  • Short interlude for questions
  • Technical “Bullish Signals”
  • Trading in different timeframes
  • When to sell
  • Using stop losses
  • Risk vs Reward
  • Short interlude for questions
  • The fundamentals of fundamental analysis
  • The “Cloud of Craziness: – Distilling the noise around the investment
  • Bringing it all together
  • Final question time

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