Isn’t the Market-ization of These Ruinous Relics Just a Passing Fad?


You may have already been worn out by the internet hype machine’s incessant droning-on about how these objects, which have razed cities to the ground and corrupted the minds and hearts innumerable kings and queens over the course of human history, can be used to bring more leads into your funnel.
And it’s true. Relic-based marketing is the Latest Big Thing. But it will continue to be a Big Thing well into the future, and even into the past, since the power of such an artifact is unconstrained by time and space, nor any of the other mere laws that hold our universe together.
Most marketers know only how to summon the object’s Power. But they know not how to summon its All-Seeing Terrors, its Spires of Unending Flame, its Conversion-Rate Enhancing Algorithms.
You will learn all of these things and more in this course. Or else.


See How Nancy Uses Her Artifact to Keep the Flowers Growing!
Jeff Lovell
Retiree & Trader
“In the last couple of years I made some bad decisions, and lost over $100,000. It was because of this that I decided it was time to get some help. Your approach, combining fundamental and technical, is similar to my own, but I am learning so much from having access to Pete and Dave that I've regained my confidence and am making money again. My aim was to give each of my kids $100,000 - so I'm getting close to achieving that, particularly with your very helpful guidance!”
Shane Blackwood
Part-Time Trader, Hire Car Business
“It has been the best year of my trading life and I thought I had been in trading for 20 years and losing. The monthly sessions I have spent with Equity Story over the last 6 months have revolutionised my trading through the CTM training and in the last 3 months Platinum Partners. My portfolio is up over 85% in that time and it is Equity Story’s fault completely!”

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"I want to really understand how to trade profitably, taking the easy money from my investments over a shorter time and with much less risk."

We've successfully picked stocks, giving members an entry and exit point for over 10 years, while averaging 24% profit per trade, with 87% of our trades profitable over that time but yet, it can still fall over in real life. 

This is how the Cincinnati Trading Method was born. We wanted to teach anyone who was serious about learning, exactly how we trade. We noticed those attending the course and actually doing the work created an immediate shift in their results.  We have been amazed by what the students of CTM have accomplished in the short time since their first training. 
"I started $60K in debt, and have traded my way out of debt and $72,000 into the black over the course of 7 months. It wasn’t until learned what I was doing wrong that everything clicked. I would be in a much worse situation now if that had not changed."
Even just two days of intensive training has a significant effect on a persons trading habits. But we know it's easy to slip back into old habits without one on one access, refreshers or ongoing support. 

We created the Inner-Circle, a closed group where we send the latest and greatest insights into, where all Cincinnati Traders can connect and network with each other. 

Isn't it time your trading stopped being a slow, hard and costly slog towards a finish line that never seems to come?This 
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Equity Story's Platinum Partnership is an exclusive opportunity designed to create the life you dream of through share trading.  Limited to a small group of serious traders with a single intake of TEN new members each year. 
The answer is at your fingertips...
You are a decision away from reducing your trading losses, stopping late night "share trading research" (surfing) and missing out on another trade you liked but didn't buy  because <insert excuse here>!

It's time to step up and stop making excuses, wasting your time and money. Or wait for your next loss. Your choice.

Platinum Partners Membership is suitable for any individual with holdings with a value larger than $250,000. At this level, membership represents  a small percentage of the value of your portfolio or a small trade. 
We are building a small high-value, close knit community that as we grow this we will be creating fantastic experiences through. It's important to be coachable and willing to work with us. We cannot accept everyone, application does not guarantee membership. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get Dave & Pete on speed-dial? 
These are very focused monthly catch ups with you on your portfolio, not a monthly chat! We have an agenda and outcome for each session. You do receive direct email access to Ask The Analyst.
How much does this cost? 
All is revealed within the PDF membership guide that is sent once we have your completed questionnaire.  







Why would I want to do this? 
This is designed to bring 10+ years of recorded and consistently profitable results to work on your own share portfolio every single month. We'll help you with a strategy, plan to get you there and trades that will help reach your goals faster and reducing your losses on the way there. The purpose of this is to keep the funds you have and grow them as quickly as possible with the least amount of risk. Do you want to do this? 
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Equity Story provides its services to over 1,500 investors, and have found the closer we work with individual traders the bigger impact we can make on their profits. We look forward to working with you soon.

We run these events as soon as we 15 people, this training is incredibly valuable but we only run a few events a year as they are intensive. The room is small on purpose, large events become impersonal and  we want to ensure that we truly impact your trading. Add your details below to go onto the waitlist for the next event.  

1. Register your interest early if you are genuinely ready to take the next step to work side by side with the Equity Story team on your own holdings

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Cincinnati Trading Method

"Even though Equity Story suggested I steer clear of CFD's I have been using their system to trade them. I needed to build from a very small base of $2000 I had  available to trade so needed the leverage. I've been to this event three times now and I've just traded my way past the $50,000 mark in 6 months!"
Become the trader you actually want to be, don't force yourself to be something you're not.


Over the course of 2 Days David Tildesley and Peter Kopetz will dispel the practices, assumptions and the emotive behaviour that's holding you back. It's time to be honest with yourself, and us, if you're always running from research or too busy to trade then we can show you how to trade on your terms.  

If you LOVE research and trading, but do not make a trade then we can show you all the things you are not doing that's stopping you from having confidence in your own ability.  

Let's spend the weekend building the footings for your trading future. 
2 DAY Cincinnati Trader Course Outline
THE CORE: this is the most overlooked aspect in trading, and is why so many fall behind. A focused strategy and mindset around what, how and when you trade means it’s on purpose and not emotionally driven. Greed, need and emotion loses you money every time.
CLOUD of CRAZINESS: The Cloud of Craziness is a term we use for the noise and distraction around a company or trade. We’ll teach you how this works to our advantage as most traders become distracted by “fake news” and will do the very thing that helps the Cincinnati Trader get the further advantage.

Access to all of the above is delivered above and beyond your standard membership, and specially tailored to the performance of your own holdings each month. 

Platinum Partners is designed to create a flow of highly successful share traders from Equity Story. 



Purpose: we uncover why you’re trading, this is a long game and you need to be clear on why you are doing it. More is not enough to sustain you.
Mindset: a traders biggest downfall is emotional trading. Fear of missing out, excitement, low confidence and no strategy leads to portfolio chaos. We give you the simple tools that 95% of the market doesn’t use.
Strategy: with a clear purpose, financial clarity clear and an inspiring goal we can create your trading strategy. This makes the types of trades you’ll want to make and the time frame to make them clear with the resources at your disposal.
Plan: a strategy without a plan never makes it to the bank. We get clear on your reason why, the outcomes you want and a trading method aligned to the resources at your disposal. This plan will guide your actions over the next 12 months, with goals and timelines.
TECHNICAL CHARTING: this is the cornerstone of what we do, too many depend on this alone but this is a vital part of our system for predicting probabilities. We show you how to reliably create, build and consistently monitor trends at speed.
Chart Set Up: the exact system set up our analysts use including watch lists, notifications, time-saving tips and tricks that’ll revolutionise the way you read charts and trade.
Rapid Stock Selection: the exact system set up our analysts use including watch lists, notifications, time-saving tips and tricks that’ll revolutionise the way you read charts and trade.
Chart MASTERY: the charts we use, how we use them and getting a clear direction from just a single look, including - Trend lines, Daily, weekly and monthly charts, Swing trading, Ranges, Breakouts, Moving averages and Nines & thirteens
 BUY Signals: we show you OUR MOST GUARDED Buy Signals and how to apply them based on your personal strategy.
FUNDAMENTAL STORY: The CORE Fundamental elements every trader must know to define what makes a company a great story and fundamentally exciting.
CORE Review Set: getting through this initial review process means the company is worth completing a final review - how to review their management, company history & balance sheet to confirm suitability.
FINAL Review Set: the final review set will confirm if a trade is fundamentally suitable for your trading basket, this includes - cashflow,  company outlook, industry sector, competition, business model and understanding product or service offered
Weighting Formula: how to apply specific weighting to the above based on small, medium or large cap companies.
CLOUD Weighting Formula: this helps focus on weighting each of the following elements in order of influence and outcome, including the following - Fundamentals, Target Price/ Consensus, Company Sentiment,  Industry Sentiment, Local Market Sentiment (ASX) Overseas Market and Sentiment (DOW)
TRADE FUSION: is the place where we balance the strategy, trends, fundamentals and cloud of craziness and check in with our strategy. It’s a fine balance, too strict nothing gets through, too loose and you’ll forgive too much. This brings every discipline together, and most important of all your own strategy and if it works for you personally. 
FUSION Formula: taking everything from our strategy, plan, technicals, fundamentals and the cloud of craziness to find you on plan, non-emotional path forward including - strategy check in, weighting for company types, knowing what to ignore and why and varying the values of each element accordingly
Portfolio DESIGN: create the perfect portfolio structure aligned to your strategy and goals. Find the ideal ironclad portfolio that’s always ready to take advantage of BOOMS, and designed to protect you from BUSTS.
Structure: for every risk profile (aggressive, defensive, income, speculative and hybrid)
Build & Monitor: the method and tools we use to craft portfolios
Portfolio Evaluation: knowing where you are to move where you need to be 
BOOM & BUST Scenarios: victory loves preparation.
Portfolio Migration:  from CURRENT to on STRATEGY
SELL Signals: one of the key factors in trading and over the course of SELL SIGNALS we give you a routine that’s saved us thousands of times and will do the same for you. This part of the training is worth its weight in your gold!
Discover how we balance everything, aligned to our strategy before we even place a trade.
The RITUAL: daily practice we follow every morning in 30 minutes to “check in” on your trades
Reaction Trends: how to find, read and react the right way
Qualifiers: the checklist we use to consistently take profits
Sell Price Strategy: getting out when you need to with profits and how we come to a yes/no decision using Profit Signals.
STRATEGY & TRADING Workbook // with your checklists, systems and processes within a folder you can continue to update and improve upon your strategy.
finding the most accurate information in minutes, not hours through our list of little-known and proprietary sources of research.
Access to the secret Facebook group where we continue the conversation and provide support and connection to other Cincinnati Traders.
refining your strategy and checking in with progress for each person.
We’re planning higher-level courses, events and retreats over the next year. All Cincinnati Trades get first invite to each event we run.

Trading is a learned skill and anyone can learn this. Anyone.