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77% of professional Australian fund managers underperform the market

Did you know 77% of professional Australian Fund Managers are underperforming the market. 

With so many players in market saying they know best, and that everyone else knows nothing, we felt obliged to back this up with some proof.

According to S&P, between 77-96% of active fund managers across bonds and shares have underperformed their index over the last 10 years.

Let’s look at Australia specifically, over the last two years the ASX 200 has not really moved, and the majority of professional fund managers have not been able to beat a static market!

Here’s the complete breakdown by investment, region and time over the last 10 years.

The BIG question is “Why do active fund managers underperform?”

It’s simple.

They don’t need to perform to make money for themselves!

Managed funds generally charge a management fee for funds under management.

Let’s say you manage $1 billion and charge a 2% management fee, that’s $20 million dollars in fees before you make a single dollar for your client!

Where’s the incentive to outperform?

There isn’t one..

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I wonder why? Anyway…

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