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Our mission is to help 5,000 members double the value of their portfolio over the next 3 years.

Equity Story is a Sydney-based stock market research and reporting firm.

Our mission is to help 5,000 members double the value of their portfolio over the next 3 years by showing them how to take the easy money from trading. We help you make fast, reliable trading decisions with simple and confident advice you can act on immediately.

Predicting trends is what sets us apart and will give you the edge making your share trading decisions.

Equity Story was founded by David Tildesley. David has been trading successfully for many years, and over this period he has realised the single most important ingredient to successful trading is, trending, something most investors and traders fail to do. This realisation is what motivated him to bring Equity Story to life.

David has brought together a strong team of fundamental analysts and combined it with the methodology of who he believes is one of the greatest trending experts in Australia.

This is the powerful combination, which makes Equity Story an essential tool to anyone who trades or invests in the sharemarket, from beginners and every day investors and veteran traders to full time stockmarket professionals. Equity Story's Suite of reports is designed to offer fast, simple and easy to action advice everyone can follow with minimal effort.

Our recommendations are completely independent and unbiased. We are not aligned with any major financial institution, broker or platform. Our members success is our complete focus.

Our team consists of experts on both trending and fundamental analysis so we can offer deep insight into all areas of share trading.


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