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Imagine getting not only access to one of Australia’s most successful share traders picks by newsletter!

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Wait a minute though, “I can go on the internet and get 100 guys to give me free share tips”, I hear you say? Of course you can, and most of them WILL help you lose your money, faster than you can on your own.

This is why we share our ENTIRE results, not just the wins, (have you noticed other share advisory firms do that?)

We are not going to promise what we are going to do; we can only tell you what we have ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED over the last two years.

  • 256 closed trades
  • 125.4%+ annualised returns*
  • 95.7% of our closed trades in the past two years profitable

To prove to you the information we provide is valuable we are going to GIFT YOU two weeks of our amazing and profitable advice AS WELL as our newsletter, which is also lovely…

So if you’ve heard enough click the big button, if you need a little more persuading to get something that will make you money for free, then please read on!

You will be able to access:

  • Trending – Our trending reports are updated daily, giving direct advice on whether to Buy, Hold or Sell. This is the most consistently valuable service we provide.
  • Daily Brief – we send you a video from advising team 5 times a week covering the days’ trends, moves and trades.
  • Weekly Buy & Sell Signals – here we show the charts that appear Bullish (look like going up) for the week ahead, as well as Bearish stocks that look like going down. These are for guidance only, and are not recommendations to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’. They’ve gathered a cult following for ‘day traders’ looking for a quick trade.

Whether you are just starting or an old hand, if your results are only netting you 20% return (which is pretty good) then you are missing out.

Did we mention it was FREE?

This has HUGE value on its own but with the rest of these reports it’s invaluable, and we are giving away for you just to try it out.

*Past results are no guarantee of future returns

Our Results...

Annualised Results +125.4%

Over the last two years we've returned +125.4%* annualised returns for our members trading all of our recommendations.

256 Closed Trades!

Over two years we've bought and sold over 256 of our own recommendations.

95.7% of Trades Profitable!

95.7% of our closed trades have been profitable over the last two years*.

Time to get started? Or keep doing what you're doing?

If your results are smaller, you're trading less and waiting more, if most of your trades are costing you money its time to get off the fence. If your trading feels more like gambling these days then for the price of a weekend away, we can give you confidence in your share trading again.

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