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Equity Story Share Trading Events

We’ve protected our trading method being the most profitable and secretive part of our business for the last 5 years. The recommendations are so good we have built a business selling our buy and sells through memberships and share trading events.

We’d love to introduce the trading methodology that we’ve proven, since we’ve been in business that consistently selects shares averaging a closed trade PROFIT of 21.33%+ PER SHARE.

The same framework that averages 95.4% of ALL closed trades over the last 5 YEARS being profitable, is a teachable process, this is NOT gut trading.

Over that time we’ve seen the efforts of thousands of trades impacted by this method, and how ALL of them were ONLY applying two of the seven methods, meaning they could never predict how a share was going to perform. We’ve created this process to remove luck from the equation, completely!

Over the next few months we are touring Australia and at each event we will introduce you to what we affectionately call the Cincinnati Trading Method, that includes:

  • Trading Mindset: It all starts here, the difference between good and great trades is mindset, we rely on a system, not emotions to drive trades. We help you set goals to work to a planned outcome and removing the risk as it doesn’t create returns, focused work does.
  • Technical Trending: what you are not seeing in the charts that’s right in front of you
  • Fundamentals: the glaring details in each business that’s screaming at you to buy them, or not.
  • Cloud of Craziness: how each of the core areas of this little known process massively impacts EVERY share you want to trade.
  • Trade Shortlisting: how we combine all of the above turning it into a small, but highly profitable list of shares to trade by value
  • Sell Signals: you can only profit by selling, picking the prime time to sell, high but not risking a huge drop and risking it all by selling too late.
  • Portfolio Shield: the bullet-proof portfolio structure that insulates EVERY trade and the cash you are holding from crashes and wipe outs!

This introduction outlines the approach we take to get what some analysts are calling unbelievable results from share trading. Come and find out for yourself, just choose your location, date and discover how this method can revolutionise your wealth and portfolio!

Choose From Upcoming Share Trading Events In Your Area

Profitable Trading 9.5 Times out of 10 // AUG 4th - North Sydney, NSW

Join us for an extended session in North Sydney, register online by clicking the button below.

Profitable Trading 9.5 Times out of 10 // AUG 21st - WeWork, Sydney, NSW

Join us for a 90 Minute preview session at WeWork, Pyrmont. Please register online by clicking the button below.