How To Save $7953 In Brokerage Fees & Double Your Portfolio Value

The share market can be complex and on top of that ANY decision you make can make OR lose you money…

Share trading is an emotional can of worms, especially when you know 77% of professional Fund Managers can’t pick a good stock to save their life!

Before we developed our trending process, we put it to the test with OUR OWN MONEY, so we understand EXACTLY how you feel.

Over the last two and a half years we’ve been analysing more than just shares. We’ve been understanding some of the problems our members have with trading, here are just a few at the very tip of the iceberg:

  1. Information overload
  2. Opinion and fact confusion
  3. Lack of system or process
  4. Too many options (share, bonds, forex… which one?!!)
  5. No one invested in YOUR success (only theirs)
  6. Isolation (you’re on your own!)

Believe it or not, we’ve solved these issues for our members. We then felt that the Big Banks were making enough money without charging $20 a trade on their platforms!

That is why we decided to save our members $7,953 over 2 years…

By taking advantage of our discounted brokerage though Open Markets – Starting at $5 per trade (up to $10,000) or 0.05%!

Here’s how:

  • The big banks/ brokers charge around $19.95 per trade.
  • Since opening our doors we have put out 266x recommendations (266x buy & 266x sell) That’s a total of 532 trades.
  • 532 x $19.95 (big bank brokerage) = $10,613.40
  • 532 x $5 (Open Markets/ Equity Story brokerage) = $2,660.00

The potential savings from this one partner offer alone are HUGE at $7,953.40!

We are approached by many companies looking to offer our members exciting savings, most are turned away as they are not financially beneficial.

Discover how the Equity Story puts thousands of dollars back into your investments instead of brokerage fees, where they belong.

If you think this is good just wait till you see what we have planned for you in our upcoming announcements!

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