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Is this a warning sign for Resapp Health (RAP)?

As it’s been seen time and time again, biotech/tech stocks can be extremely risky. Even if the idea seems the best ever, getting it commercialised has many pitfalls.

Negative clinical study results have brought two important points to the floor for RAP.

  • Firstly, how on earth will this app work in an uncontrolled noise environment? To date, it would seem that the studies have been carried out under strict, controlled conditions such as a hospital, at home, or outside?
  • Secondly, the management looks extremely amateurish on not making sure that the study fulfilled all the protocols set out.

We believe a new approach is needed although it’s not the end of the app as we know it as it does show promise (perhaps tweaking algorithms and noise frequencies are in order).

For now, credibility seems shot so a hold at best.




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