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Why We Think Kogan Is The Hottest Stock This Week

The ASX 200 provided another sideways movement with no particular bias to any direction, and the monthly chart showed just that.

However, based on what we saw in the Emerging Companies Index, we found that the smaller caps still looked like they had momentum behind it. So potentially, more value is to be made from the small caps in the short-term.

Now, we’ve been big supporters of Kogan.Com, having placed our original Buy recommendation to our members at $1.65. To date, we’ve told members to sell half of their holdings at a 81.82% profit, and we still like the story!

We even told members to Buy the stock as a Trend last week on the 13th of September at $3.60!

Fundamentally, the online retailer that has proven itself worthy to stand up against Amazon.Com (NYSE:AMZN). With their diverse range of products, and strong verticals being setup – such as Kogan Mobile, and Kogan Insurance; KGN is sort of the Australian Amazon and is definitely in the right space of an online vs. the traditional brick and mortar business model.

With a history of under-promising and over-delivering, KGN has strong sentiment behind it. Surprise dividends were fantastic, which puts them again as a good sentiment stock, and Ruslan Kogan has been amazing with huge growth aspirations for the Company.

Tie that with the beautiful daily chart movement, chart below, we couldn’t help but put this as our Hot Stock of the Week!

Happy Trading!


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