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We thought it would be interesting to talk about a few stocks today! Some to look at as we find them extremely exciting! Let’s dive right into it.

  • APT – Most of you know Afterpay by now seeing as they are in numerous stores across the country! Simply, they let you buy clothes for example, and you get to pay it in 4 instalments over 8 weeks! Huge growth since inception and it looks like they might reach profitability (FY17 had positive EBITDA) by FY18-end!Today’s announcement: Funding facility in NZ established to further scale the business, and Aus funding facility from NAB increased from $200M to $350M. Seems they are getting more traction.

  • KGN – The most popular online retailer in Australia now, and extremely competitive prices to go with it. Amazon might have a competitor in their hands!Today’s announcement: Update on outlook with exciting NBN plans, Kogan internet (expecting launch in 2H18), and Kogan Insurance looking good already since its launch in early August. The growth to October has been flagged as amazing and Kogan continues to impress.
  • MSM – Interesting little story revolving around talent competitions, all on an app! It’s been gaining traction among social media with users participating for the chance to win a $1M dollars! For us, the business still needs to advance a little more, but it’s definitely an exciting story!Today’s announcement: In trading halt due to a capital raise. Stay tuned.
  • VXR – Largely exciting due to the fact that they are one of the few in the Pilbara Gold Rush, and they have conglomerate style gold mineralisation, similar to that in South Africa where things turned out better than imagined.Today’s announcement: Raised $4M in fully underwritten placement to instos at 1.8c a share. Money is going to advancing the Sulphur Springs Copper-Zinc Project, Exploration at Whim Creek, and working capital. Cashed up and ready to go, how great!
  • WGL – Aiming to be the new service for parents to help their kids grow up in a safer environment. Their Family Insites software helps parents identify irregular behaviours in kids’ use of their phones or internet, and allows a deeper connection to occur through communicating about the issues that are brought up via the app.Today’s announcement: Since launching their Family Insites software on the 27th of October 2017 (iOS), they have now launched on the Android platform and is available to download on the Google Play store. Desktop version expected in December and child tracking GPS feature set to be released by end-Nov. Will be good to see how this translates to revenues from upcoming results.

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