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On the 23rd of June 2017 Equity Story recommended members to buy GetSwift Ltd (GSW) as a new Ten Bagger and advised to buy on the open. Since then, the Company has done phenomenally, and again another amazing announcement this morning that has spurred us to tell you that if you are not already in this stock, you really should be!

Growing at breakneck speed (deliveries up 46% on prior quarter) with revenues starting to grow ($150k for a FY17 runrate of ~$480k which is an increase pf 362%). Company achieved 2M transactions at the start of July (again growth of 610%). The company signed a number of tier one clients and rolled out to new markets and jurisdictions (it’s growing faster than they expected, WOW)!

The amazing comment comes in the form of “The company sees some risk in Tier One multinationals seeking an acquisition at this early stage of the Company’s global scale and growth”, that a first, never seen that before, warning existing and potential shareholders that already its in the crosshairs of potential acquirers. Classic 10 bagger.

Under a $1.10 we believe this is still a fantastic buy, and at this stage the risks seem to minimal being a takeover.

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