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What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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From: David Tildesley, Founder & Lead Analyst of
Date: 27th November 2019.

If you accept this proposal, it will cost you exactly $1. 

That’s right…

One Shiny Dollar. 

That’s the “bad news”.


In exchange for this small investment, I am going to give you the greatest gift I could ever give a first-time or any serious share trader. 

It’s the key to our "share trading vault” …a treasure trove of trades, education, upcoming, current, buy and sell signals and historical trades to spark growth in any Australian-focused share portfolio. its called Trader PRO

And I am going to let you have everything…


For just $1.

I'll tell you why in just a bit, but first, I have a question for you...

Are you just "winging it"? 


Practising a bit of “hope and pray” share trading?

Or do you have a clear-cut plan to grow your share portfolio?

If you are, you shouldn’t feel bad about it, you are definitely NOT alone. For the better part of my trading exploits, way before we started Equity Story that’s exactly what I did too. 

And for a while it worked. 

In the early days when my portfolio was smaller and much simpler, "winging it" got the job done. As soon as my portfolio grew, we grouped my family's superannuation, created a trust and over time it just wasn’t how I wanted to trade my families financial future. 

I couldn't trade on a chance, without knowing it would work, without a system.

So I did something that most traders only dream of doing…

I assembled a team of the smartest analysts we knew, between us we structured the perfect balance of reports needed for any trader to create the perfect portfolio. 

For example:

  • First we needed shorter-term active trades, low risk again, that had a dependable return so created Trending ASX 200 and Trending SML/MED, which both hold for 41 days and return an average of 6.82%. 
  • Next we wanted something REALLY profitable, stable and dependable with growth over the next 3 years so we created 3 YR Growth, and it returns 43.09% over an average of 151 days held.
  • We had to turn up the heat and put in something REALLY EXCITING, that’s when we brought Ten Baggers to the party! Higher risk and higher returns at 86% with an average hold of 140 days.
  • Then we had to get REALLY CONSISTENT & PROFITABLE! Every Sunday we send trading ideas for higher level day traders after reviewing 500+ ASX listed companies for the strongest movers, we picked the best of the best and call it a Hot Stock! These are averaging 13%+ profit over 4 weeks. With a stop loss of 8% in place then you can set a sell from anywhere from 5%-13%, the trick is not to be greedy and keep taking the easy money!

And that's just to name a few as we have ten reports to give as well as these! 

Virtually every aspect of trading, sourcing profitable stocks and what to look for is documented within Equity Story. We wanted to create a place where full-time traders get profitable recommendations, and can access as much in-depth information IF they want.

Then we decided to really put the service to the test, and help less experienced, so even complete first-timers could start trading profitably. 

Our goal was simple: we wanted to see if someone who has never traded before, could follow our advice and achieve the same results of experienced members. 

The first tests failed! 

Our “guinea pigs” had a lot of questions, which told us that we needed to add more into the videos, explain the reports better and add more help.

So that’s just what we did and handed it all back to our test group to try again. 

The Result: SUCCESS!

We now have something that most share traders only dream of having…

  • We added more help
  • We added Ask The Analyst
  • We added risk-level based reports
  • We added clearer Buy and Sell Recommendations
  • We gave members researched answers to their questions

In short we had processed all aspects of trading to create a system so simple on the surface, but can go extremely deep when you want more detail.

Our “mystery ingredient”! 

We couldn't stop there, we decided to really put it to the test and open it up to people that have either never traded before or only occasionally. 

We discovered that most people in a position to trade had never tried because they didn’t trust their own knowledge on the subject to EVER get started.

The rest had simply tried and:

  • Lost money
  • Became confused
  • Backed out before putting a trade on
  • Trusted someone they should not have done
  • Treated it like betting and just used their gut instinct
  • Bought the right stock at the wrong time and sat on it until it was worth nothing
  • Actually did very well, and rode it like it would never end and missed a profitable sell time. 
  • Used virtual money to learn, then used their own and couldn't get the same results (it's a whole different game with your own money)

There are so many more examples we have collected through surveys from our members but these appear to be the main issues.

They all had their trading stories, some terrible, some funny but all seemed to end up either losing money and/or sitting on worthless shares. 

But it wasn't just the first-timers and trading-dabblers that we started hearing from, it was full-time experts!

People that had been trading for years were tired of it. Tired of poring over reports, company statements, P & L’s, AGM’s and more looking for the nugget of information that would double their portfolio overnight. 

They'd been doing this sometimes for the last 20 years, and were over it! 

Some in retirement and STILL working close to full time hours on their portfolio. Not actually enjoying the wealth of time they have, with the people they love and the money they have right now. It was becoming an obsession, one that they'd turned into a "job" and hadn't even realised! 

It’s an easy trap to fall into, I was in it myself for years. 

THIS was what we wanted to really start helping people with,  picking great shares had become easy for us, we had a system that predictably created profitable shares 95.4% of the time! 

So we started removing EVERY barrier that made share trading difficult, painful and seemingly impossible to profit from and created:

  • Simple Buy & Sell emails that tell you WHAT to buy or sell, WHEN and for HOW MUCH across every report. You read and you do in just a few minutes and never have to make the call yourself on when to buy or sell. 
  • Each Daily Video takes the day's trading and news and turns it into ten minutes on the shares we are recommending and breaks each one down, tells you what they are doing and what its likely to do. No more reports or news to scour over,  just 10 minutes a day.
  • Ask The Analyst gives members access to our analysts 5 days a week to ask the burning question you want to ask prior to making any decision. The best thing is, as a member, we are interested in your success and not your 2% brokerage fee. No conflicts of interest.
  • Buy and Sell Signals gives day trades 74+ trending shares to watch so they can focus their time and attention, making more calls faster.
  • $5 Trades stop you paying big bank brokerage fees that has a negative impact on your trading, no more paying $25 a trade! We did a deal with Open Markets for members only for $5 trades and CFD's for just $1


Then we tackled the BIGGEST ISSUE OF ALL and the reason 95% of ALL investors stop trading and LOSE MONEY net of all fees within 5 years is ... 


We had to find a way to LITERALLY give our members MONEY!  

Of course we could not physically give our members money, BUT we could find them profitable trades.  

We help members create capital through profitable trades, and proved this by making EVERY trade, win or lose publicly available. 

The results we have below come from the last 5 years trading under Equity Story and a total of 484 recorded closed trades:

  • 24.87%+ Profit PER TRADE

We are 90% ahead of our nearest competitors and the ONLY share trading advisory in Australia THAT ACTUALLY TELLS YOU WHAT TO BUY, WHEN AND FOR HOW MUCH.

No one else does this and with good reason, it separates the real experts from the "talkers".


We are offering this ALL to you NOW - FOR A FULL 30 DAYS - For Just $1

That’s right…

Your investment today is just $1…

This might sound crazy, but we are not stupid

The reason we are giving so much away and for so little is not because the value is low, far from it. 

It’s because this industry has a serious lack of trust. 

We are on ALL the same lists you are and get hit with this rubbish every ten minutes, hitting you with:

  • Too much OPINION
  • Too much INFORMATION 
  • Too many OPTIONS, too many EXPERTS all with a different way to go


This offer is our way of taking ALL the risk for you.

My sincere hope is that you’ll love what you see and choose to stay. 

If you do, GREAT! 

If not, that’s ok too. 

Sign up for just $1, then in one month (30 days) we start billing you for the annual membership paid monthly for a full Trader PRO account. If you do not wish to join, simply cancel before your 30 days are up and you’ll never be charged the monthly membership. If you miss the deadline and are charged $117 you have another month, simply put your cancellation in and we will stop it for the following month. 

(FULL DISCLOSURE: we actually don’t attempt to bill your card for 33 days, just in case it's a weekend or you’re travelling or you just forget. We also send you two reminders before on days 27 and 29 so you do not miss the cut off so its all benefit and hassle free). If you do miss the cut off, we do not refund the first $117 simply enjoy your extra month.
So click the Add to Cart button below, and let's get started.



See you on the inside.


David Tildesley
Founder and Lead Analyst
Equity Story

P.S. This goes without saying, that this offer will not be available for long, and it won’t return anytime soon when it does go away. So join right now while it’s fresh in your mind (and while this page is still active).

P.P.S. Still on the fence? Here’s what our members are saying... 


Why CONSISTENTLY RISK your hard earned money on cheap "bargain" stocks or high risk trades when there's so much easy money to be made on the stock market EVERY WEEK?

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